Stop Airport Expansion

Airplot - i am an owner 具体见这里,我发现绿色和平真的很有趣,做活动的思路很高超


Welcome to Airplot
That’s it, you’re in, you’re now a part of the plot to stop airport expansion.

You’ll hear more from us shortly about what you can do to help stop a third runway at Heathrow – we only just got the papers through on the land, but there’s much more to come.

We are not selling off pieces of the plot, so it’s not going to cost you anything. But if (as a beneficial owner of the whole plot) you’re able to support our aviation and climate campaign by making a donation we would be ever so grateful, because Greenpeace relies solely on the gifts of committed individuals like yourself to carry on our work. You can make a monthly gift by direct debit or a one time gift on your credit card. Thanks.

What to do next? You can pester Gordon Brown by sending him an email about the absurd decision to build a new runway. (We’ve also got his phone and fax numbers if you want to take it further.)

And you can help spread the word by inviting your friends to join the plot and placing the badge below on your site, blog or facebook profile with a link for people to join. We’ve got more banners here.

Welcome aboard! The Airplot team


在1.31 空间一点情面也不留的suspend之后,我很生气,paangood少给了我一天,而且那时我正在备份数据….


快速发布很有趣,我喜欢,就像twwiter 一样,几句话就说了,太多了,就麻烦了,ok,就这样吧,一休哥也都休息去了